Field Trip – Ronda

The city on the cliff and city has the first bullring in Spain. These two descriptions would be the best fit for Ronda. Sadly, Visiting Ronda was our last cultural visit from the Study Abroad Program at ICS. It took about two hours to get Ronda from Sevilla. We met up by the main street and got on a charter bus that ICS prepared.

When we got off the bus, there was a tour guide was waiting for us at the bus station. Our tour started in the old town of Ronda. We visited the bullring, church, main bridge, and different viewpoints of Ronda. We had for about two hours of free time to look around the city. Some of us had lunch at a restaurant by a cliff. The view was absolutely gorgeous I don’t know how many pictures I took.

I think a full-day trip was enough for Ronda unless anyone is interested in hiking or seeing a night view of the city.



Filed Trip – Granada

I would like to say visiting Granada was one of the best parts of the study abroad program in Spain. I’m not quite sure about living in Granada but visiting it was amazing. I’m so glad that now I have been to Granada and know about it and will think about it. Touring inside of Alhambra was so beautiful but Alhambra looks a lot better seeing it from San Nicholas, especially, at night, with the lights. Luckily, the weather was gorgeous. The small shops near San Nicolas were selling variety of accessories, bags, and clothes. I was attempted to buy some but my bag pack was packed didn’t have enough room.

I personally stayed two more nights in Granda. In second night, there was a Granada CF’s game with Atletico Madrid. I and two other guys, Anthony and Cal, who stayed one more night, went to the game.

San Miguel was another view point that I could see the amazing view of Alhambra and the city of Granada. It was a little bit of hike but it was totally worth it. I would totally recommend that view point for those who are planning to go to Granada.

The trips that I have been to with ICS have been so easy in terms of preparation because ICS organizes everything for us. I hope ICS still takes students to Granda in the future. It’s one of the cities that should be seen by more people. No wonder Granda was the last city that the Arabs gave up.

Gadens in Alhambra

City view from Alhambra

Arabic garden

The cathedral in the city center area

the shopping area near San Nicholas

Panoramic view of Alhambra from San Nicholas

Granada CF vs. Atletico Madrid

A night view of Alhambra

San Miguel view point. Must go place!

Field trip – Cordoba

Next cultural visit that I’d like to post is Cordoba. It was a full-day trip. We traveled with a chartered bus ICS prepared. Cordoba has one of the biggest mosque and a cathedral inside of it. It is absolutely gorgeous to see the building and the details. Also, the fact that one building has more than two different religion’s styles makes it more special with the size of it. The idea that there was time that more than two religious peacefully existed made me feel a little excited to visit the city. The cathedral inside the mosque is a cross shape.

We also visited Jewish quarter and part of the castle. After visiting places according to the plans that ICS prepared, we had free time for a couple of hours.

Inside of the mosque. Beautiful arches and the size was enormous

Inside of the mosque & church

The cathedral part

the mosque from the Jewish quarter

Touching the foot of the statue will make you smart!

Garden in the castle in Cordoba

Cordoba tower

The bridge built from roman time