Field Trip – Morocco

I have a quite of traveling experiences in general, but I haven’t been to the continent of Africa yet. That’s why going to Morocco with ICS was extra special for me. I always wondered how it would be like to visit Africa because it’s just unknown side to me. I don’t have much knowledge of Africa. Even though Morocco was a bit different from Africa we see on TV, it was a good breaking the ice moment to me to understand people and culture there.

I was so glad that traveling Morocco was a part of the excursions from ICS because I think it’s one of the areas that you should go with people who know about that area. Otherwise, I would’ve just stayed at a touristy area and don’t know what to do or what not to do. It’s not impossible to go by myself but would’ve been much harder to do without help. 
Our trip was visiting three different cities of Morocco. It was nicely organized and I obviously wish we had more time, but I guess it’s what it is. Now I know how it is like to be over there and what my expectation should be. That’s a good lesson from this trip I would say.

Our journey started with crossing the chancel with a ferry ride. It took about an hour and again the weather was amazing. After passing the Moroccan and Spanish border safely and smoothly, first thing we did was a camel ride. It was my first experience to be on a camel, so I was a little nervous. 

After the camel ride, we went to the meeting point of Mediterranean Sea and The Atlantic. There was a lighthouse that guides boats that they’re entering or existing from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic or vice versa. 

On the second day, we visited a town covered with blue. It was like Santorini, A Greek Town, We had a town tour with an old Moroccan gentleman. He wanted to show us around the town and emphasized that he was showing us the town because he thought communication is really important. He doesn’t want us to have wrong idea of Moroccan culture and have misled ideas and stereotypes about Morocco.

For the dinner, we had high quality Moroccan dish with show, which was the highlight of the trip I would say. At the end of the dinner, everyone gathered together and danced. It was a such good time now I look back. 

On the third way, we visited a Jewish quarter in a city and a market. Then, we came back to Sevilla.

Group shot 1 with camels

Group shot with American & Moroccan flag at the blue town

Jewish Quarters

Sunrise from the hotel room

Dance after dinner

A view point at the blue town

Moroccan market

Me on a Camel

Happy friends at the beach


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