Field trip – Cordoba

Next cultural visit that I’d like to post is Cordoba. It was a full-day trip. We traveled with a chartered bus ICS prepared. Cordoba has one of the biggest mosque and a cathedral inside of it. It is absolutely gorgeous to see the building and the details. Also, the fact that one building has more than two different religion’s styles makes it more special with the size of it. The idea that there was time that more than two religious peacefully existed made me feel a little excited to visit the city. The cathedral inside the mosque is a cross shape.

We also visited Jewish quarter and part of the castle. After visiting places according to the plans that ICS prepared, we had free time for a couple of hours.

Inside of the mosque. Beautiful arches and the size was enormous

Inside of the mosque & church

The cathedral part

the mosque from the Jewish quarter

Touching the foot of the statue will make you smart!

Garden in the castle in Cordoba

Cordoba tower

The bridge built from roman time


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