Week 1 in Sevilla (3)

The second half of the welcome week begins with the visit to the beautiful Parque de Maria Luisa and picnic on Sunday morning. With Judy’s explanations and stories of buildings in the park and park itself, I was fascinated by not only the buildings but also the stories. The buildings in the park are absolutely gorgeous. Luckily, the host family I stay at is only a couple of minutes away from the park. Actually, ICS is also only 5 minutes away from the park. Therefore, some of the friends from ICS go visit the park after classes or weekends. I particularly pass the park when I go to the city center. It’s one of the places that you never get tired of seeing.

After the tour, we had a small picnic. We firstly sat down and had lunch because it was about the lunch time. Then, we played with a football, soccer ball, and badminton that Lisa brought for us. I think everyone had a great time at the picnic because we still didn’t know each other well since it was still the first week. Throughout the picnic, we got to know each other more through conversations and playing with the balls and badminton.

At Monday night, we took a guided night walk through downtown Sevilla and learn of different tales and legends. I, unfortunately, forgot the guy who guided us. He told us so much about the city of Sevilla and the building with stories. The city looked different after hearing about the stories of it. The most memorable one is the names on the walls of the cathedral. Spanish didn’t find out names on the until recently. It turned out to be those names are from the students with outstanding grades when they graduated.

Finally, the highlight of the welcome week happened at Thursday Evening. The boat ride down the Guadalquivir River was the one. We already knew the night view of the river was amazing from walking along the river at the other night. Boat ride made the city look even more beautiful. Also, it was fun to be on the boat with music and some snacks. We took pictures of each other and the landmarks with the lights.



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