Week 1 in Sevilla (2)

After the registration and orientation in the morning, there was a reception that ICS prepared for all the students, professors, and faculty members at a tapas place nearby the school. Because all the students for Spring 17 semester just arrived in Sevilla a night or two before, I didn’t know everyone in the program. Throughout, I got to see who I was going to see during the semester. Also, being able to communicate with the faculty members and professors made me feel more relax and comfortable about the school since it was the day one, and I didn’t know what to expect from the school.

In next day morning, Friday morning, we walked through downtown to see some of the most historic sites. I was so excited to see downtown Seville because I heard about the amazing cathedral and Alcazar from friends back in Korea and Hawaii. Downtown Seville was absolutely amazing. Because there are plans to visit the Alcazar and the Cathedral, we didn’t go inside at this visit instead we had a sample of Desayuno Andaluz at Le XIX. I meant to go back to the place even though it hasn’t happened yet. This was pretty much what we did for the morning and had free time until next activity, belly dancing show at a tea place.

At the evening we met up at a place in the downtown area and walked to a tea place called “Teteria Bagdad” to experience an Arab Haven filled with exotic teas and belly dancing. While waiting for the dancer, we got to drink two different types of tea. I forgot what it was exactly called and from, but one was from Kazakhstan and the other was from Turkey I believe. I’ve had different types of teas before, but they were different. I think it’s something like different types of coffee tastes different depending on how a barista drops coffee.

As soon as the dancer walked out of the changing room, music was changed, and she started to dance. It absolutely was amazing. She danced three songs with different items like castanets, scarf, or just bare hands. In the middle of dance, she made some of us join the dance as making eye contacts with them.  The atmosphere of the tea place and the dancers dress and make-up style made her dance more wonderful.

This is only half of the welcome week.


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